Insights To Identify Comfortable Senior Citizen Communities And New Homes

By Trevor Price

If you’re a senior, new homes in a dedicated retirement community can be very appealing. There’s a focus on active adult living, your lawn maintenance is taken care of, the community is committed to seniors and you get to live independently while enjoying the comfort of on-site health care amenities.

Retirement communities and age-restricted resort communities are one of the fastest growing sections of the residential building country. These mega-communities are targeted toward seniors and filled with state-of-the-art recreation centers, on-site social coordinators, gyms, golf courses and even community centers. If you’re thinking about moving to an age-restricted or retirement community, read on to find out what you should look for in a prospective new home.

Closeness to Your Family

If you’re close with your children and grandchildren, you may want to restrict your search to new retirement communities in the nearby area. Also, when planning on many visits from young grandchildren, you may need to opt for a larger home with more than one or two bedrooms.

Recreational Facilities

YouTube Preview Image

If you love to swim, search for a retirement community with an on-site swimming pool. If you are into to golf, find one with a gold course. And if you get a kick out of making pottery, look for one with a potter’s studio. Fitness buffs should make sure there’s an on-site gym.

The idea is to find a retirement home that fits your personal needs as a senior. New homes can be beautiful and architecturally perfect, but if the community facilities aren’t there, then it won’t be right for you and could actually turn into a frustrating experience.

On-Site Amenities

If you’re concerned about your future health needs, go after a senior’s community that offers an in-community walk-in clinic or, at a minimum, pharmacy. Health-focused amenities such as an on-call nurse or close proximity to a nearby medical center can be crucial for many aging adults.

Can You Easily Get Around?

Not only is walking a great way to stay in shape and keep your muscles moving, it’s often easier than driving – and for some seniors, it’s their only mode of transportation. Before you buy in a senior’s community, ask yourself if you could walk to the nearest grocery store or pharmacy. If not, is there at least accessible transit nearby?

Your New Neighbors

Moving into a new community concerns a lot more than simply appreciating the house and the amenities – you also need to like your neighbors. Before you buy into a new senior’s development, try to get out to a new owners’ meeting. Look around the room and ask yourself if you could spend your retirement with them? Introduce yourself to people and get a feel for the community before you commit to a purchase.

If you’re a senior, new homes in an age-restricted community are a great way to combine independent living with a neighborhood that’s focused on the needs of seniors. But, before you buy, remember to evaluate the community itself, how close it is to nearby amenities and your family, and whether the facilities match up with your own needs.

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Bush’s Katrina statement contradicted by emerging evidence
Bush’s Katrina statement contradicted by emerging evidence

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Recently emerging evidence seems to contradict a statement by United States President George W. Bush during Hurricane Katrina. He stated in an interview with ABC on September 1st that, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees”.

One of the first items to emerge, a video obtained by the Associated Press, shows footage of Bush during a video-conference received at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, on August 29, 2005, 19 hours before landfall of Hurricane Katrina. During the briefing, Director of the National Hurricane Center Max Mayfield warned, “I don’t think anyone can tell you with any confidence right now whether levees will be topped or not, but there is obviously a very, very great concern”.

In addition, Michael D. Brown, then director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), reported that he had spoken with President Bush twice in the morning and that the president was asking about reports that the levees had been breached.

Brown would state later on CNN that, “There’s no question in my mind he probably had those reports (about breaches in the levees), because we were feeding in the Homeland Security Operations Center, into the White House sit room, all of the information that we were getting. So he had to have had that information. Plus, I think the president knew from our earlier conversations that that was one of my concerns, that the levees could actually breach”.[1]

In July 2004, the Federal Emergency Management Agency completed an exercise called “Hurricane Pam”, which, dealt with the scenario of a direct hit on New Orleans by a hurricane with 120 mph winds (a Category 3). It resulted in “10 to 20 feet of water within the City of New Orleans,” according to January 24 congressional testimony by the president of the company that designed the Hurricane Pam exercise.[2]

A report FEMA sent to the White House Situation Room on August 29th, they cited death and destruction anticipated by the “Hurricane Pam” exercise and warned that Katrina was likely to be worse. “Exercise projection is exceeded by Hurricane Katrina real-life impacts,” they stated. Furthermore, “The potential for severe storm surge to overwhelm Lake Pontchartrain levees is the greatest concern for New Orleans. Any storm rated Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson (hurricane) scale will likely lead to severe flooding and/or levee breaching. This could leave the New Orleans metro area submerged for weeks or months”.[3]

When the report was released, Hurricane Katrina was thought to be a Category 4 as of landfall (though after analysis, it’s power at landfall would be downgraded to a Category 3).[4]

White House officials previously clarified Bush’s earlier comment, saying that the president was referring to the hours after Katrina swept through and news reports as of August 30th suggested the city had “dodged a bullet”, which led to surprise when reports reached them of the levee breaches.[5][6] Contrasting this was the August 30th broadcast of NBC’s Today, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams reported at 7:05 a.m. ET, “There has been a huge development overnight … the historic French Quarter, dry last night and it is now filling with water. This is water from nearby Lake Pontchartrain; the levees failed overnight.”[7]

Stabbing at Massachusetts high school leaves one dead
Stabbing at Massachusetts high school leaves one dead

Friday, January 19, 2007

In the United States, a stabbing at the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in Sudbury, Massachusetts has left a 15-year old student dead.

The stabbing happened around 7:20 am EST, before classes had started. A fight broke out in a boys’ bathroom between the 15-year old victim, James Alenson and 16-year-old suspect John Odgren, the fight spilled out in the hallway, where the stabbing occurred.

The school was sent into a “lockdown” and students were ushered into the gym, cafeteria and various classrooms. Alenson was rushed to Emerson Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 8:15 am EST. Odgren admitted to the stabbing and was in the principal’s office saying “I did it, I did it,” to police. However, Odgren also reportedly said “Is he OK? I don’t want him to die,” according to a police report. All students were released at 10:20 am EST.

Odgren was diagnosed with severe Asperger’s syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder has been on medication for years, was a special education student at the school and had no history of violence according to his lawyer, Jonathan Shapiro. He is being charged with “murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and carrying a knife onto school property” and was arraigned in Framingham District Court where he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Shapiro also asked if his client could go to secure facility at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Judge Paul Healy denied the request saying he did not have “enough assurance that Children’s Hospital would be secure.” Instead, he will be held at Middlesex Jail in Cambridge outside of the general population.

According to the school’s website, there will be a community meeting tonight in the school’s auditorium at 7pm EST.

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Category:July 29, 2010
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July 30, 2010 ?
July 29
Hoveround Wheelchair}

Hoveround Wheelchair


Banny Katspa

Hoveround is possibly the single best-known and most reputable mobility firms around. Actually, the Hoveround wheelchair is becoming a part of our cultural paradigm – excellent news for all those who struggle with mobility! In between their infomercials as well as the frequency with which they’re noticed on the street, Hoveround appears to be making the transition from a brand-specific noun to a much more common noun like Xerox, Band-Aid, and Jello. Any person driving about a compact energy wheelchair or even a mobility scooter may be known as employing a Hoveround, accurate or not!

When I started out this crazy journey of checking out mobility goods for my ailing folks, Hoveround floated to the top of the companies that I should approach, again and once again. The quality and energy of a Hoveround wheelchair is quite considerably unsurpassed, so they say. My experiences so far bear this out. I can say that the informational videos and materials that you can get concerning the company’s models, accessories, and abilities are fairly correct, so choose them up (they’re totally free) to learn more. I may possibly be able to get some videos up on the site here if people want, in the future.

From driving these suckers around the streets of Scranton (the only town inside a hundred miles with a manger crazy adequate to let me take his machines outside!), I can let you know that Hoveround wheelchairs deal with uneven surfaces, curbs, and soft ground coverings like sand considerably better than the competitors – at least in the same price-point.

YouTube Preview Image

I discover the Hoveround wheelchair has a lot going for it that other power wheelchairs of mobility scooters don’t:

The Pros

– Hoveround is an established and trusted name, and they’ve been inside the company for an extended time.

– A Hoveround wheelchair tends to be really comfy, and maneuvers by way of tight spaces easily.

– They all tend to be quite well-powered, climbing hills and curbs without having significantly struggle. I’m not a heavy guy, but I feel confident that someone in the best carrying capacity of the chair will be just fine, power-wise, probably due to the fact most models make use of two motors to obtain the job carried out.

– Long battery life – fifteen miles and 4 to 5 hours!

– Speedy – I got numerous models as much as a pace that I would equate with a brisk jog – far beyond the top speeds of most of the scooters I checked out.

– Comfy – The seats in all the Hoverounds I sat in are better then the seat in my Car, for crying out loud.

The Cons

– Support reputation. I don’t know about this first-hand, but apparently components and upkeep is only obtainable from the firm. Folks find repair rates to be too high, and service to be slow. Clearly, getting no strategy to get around could b harmful, and in the least will make someone grumpy, so take this with a grain of salt, but do contemplate it.

– Weight and bulk for transport. Listen, the features and value of a Hoveround wheelchair cannot be matched inside a lighter scooter that can be folded and lifted into the trunk. These suckers call for lifts or ramps, no question.

– Traction. None of the mobility aids that I was in a position to take out on a slushy January day cared significantly for snow and ice, Hoveround included. The wheels spun a bit, but the chair was considerably much more stable, even in the course of slipping, than a great deal of the three-wheeled scooters I attempted.

I hesitate to put expense in either the pro or con column, as a lot of people who genuinely will need a Hoveround wheelchair is going to be in a position to get it paid for by Medicare or Insurance. The store manager was able to confirm this for me with first-hand understanding, so I think it. Out of pocket, even though – ouch! These chairs aren’t cheap. I can say that when the day comes that my people require some support (I’m thinking months, not years); a Hoveround wheelchair is my first option.

Additional Resources:

Hoveround mpv5


Hoveround Reviews

Article Source:

Hoveround Wheelchair


Hurricane Richard makes landfall in Belize
Hurricane Richard makes landfall in Belize

Monday, October 25, 2010

We already boarded up everything, and we already got everything, office equipment and everything, stored in a safe place. We got all the tourists out, and get the whole place secured down.

Hurricane Richard made landfall in Belize about 20 mi (35 km) south-southeast of Belize City with winds of 90 mph (150 kph) at approximately 6:45 local time (0045 UTC) according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). Richard is currently lashing the country with strong winds and heavy rain, which, officials have said, could cause life threatening floods and landslides.

Officials have revealed that 10,000 people are currently sheltering in schools and churches, while some have moved to Belmopan, as the country is battered by strong winds and heavy rains. Although tourists have been evacuated from vulnerable areas, some residents have decided to ride out the storm in their homes.

The area which Richard made landfall in is populated with neighborhoods made of wooden houses with zinc roofs. According to a clerk at a bed and breakfast, Fanny Llanos, “the winds are very strong [and are] getting stronger.” She also said that palm trees were struggling in the winds and there were loud sounds all around.

It has also been reported that 3 foot (1 meter) waves were beginning to hit the docks. Local emergency officials have advised store owners not to increase prices as people tried to stock up for the impending arrival of the hurricane.

Landslides have blocked one of the countries highways in the Colon province, blocking access to 40 towns leaving 15,000 people trapped. Teams are trying to clear the highway. Residents have advised that they have taken adequate preparations for the storm with one man saying that “he expected only some beach erosion and minor damage to homes.”

Full Wikinews coverage of the 2010 hurricane season

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Football: Both Manchester teams out of Europe as Bilbao and Sporting profit
Football: Both Manchester teams out of Europe as Bilbao and Sporting profit

Sunday, March 18, 2012

They might be occupying first and second place in the Premier League back in England, but Manchester United and Manchester City were defeated following the second legs of their respective UEFA Europa League ties.

March 15, 2012
Athletic Bilbao 2 – 1 Manchester United Estadio San Mamés, BilbaoAttendance: 40,000Referee: C. Çak?r
Llorente 23’de Marcos 65′ (agg 5 – 3) Rooney 80′

Manchester United went into their game against Athletic Bilbao seeking to overcome a 3–2 deficit dealt in the first leg; they were soundly defeated.

Bilbao began the game strongly, immediately pressing United and looking to attack whenever possible. The English side were the first to strike, with left midfielder Ashley Young’s early shot needing a block to stay out. Iker Muniain saw his 14th minute shot strike a post, and Óscar de Marcos miss the rebound, as Bilbao worked to break United’s defence down.

The opener came on 23 minutes, with young Spaniard Fernando Llorente converting from Fernando Amorebieta’s lobbed through ball after completely fooling the United back four. The game ended early for Llorente, as he was forced off the pitch after an injury.

The Manchester side picked up their game in the second half; they were continually thwarted by the host’s defences. Bilbao remained at their high tempo to prevent any sort of response, and soon full back Andoni Iraola knocked wide after an impressive run.

Bilbao’s lead was doubled on 65 minutes as de Marcos converted from a floated cross by Iraola from the right, and the club never looked like slipping up throughout the rest of the game. Wayne Rooney, playing as a lone striker for United, finally gave his club’s fans their money’s worth with ten minutes left to play as he hit home from long range.

It was surely a humbling defeat for a team pushing to beat their city rivals to their domestic title, inflicted by seventh-placed Bilbao of La Liga. It means that for only the first time in ten years, Manchester United have failed to reach a cup final.

March 15, 2012
Manchester City 3 – 2 Sporting Clube de Portugal City of Manchester Stadium, ManchesterAttendance: 38,021Referee: T. H. Hagen
Agüero 60′, 82’Balotelli 75′ (pen) (agg 3 – 3)Sporting win onaway goals Fernández 33’van Wolfswinkel 40′

Portugal’s Sporting Club had beaten Manchester City 1–0 at home, and only needed to consolidate that result in Manchester. The hosts put up a spirited fightback in the closing minutes; it was not enough to avoid elimination.

A slow first half from a full-strength City side meant they were easily contained by the visitors, and indeed Sporting were first to test the goalkeeper. Xandão’s header early on was a sign of things to come for City, and they opening the scoring on 33 minutes with a free kick taken directly by Matías Fernández.

Just seven minutes later the Manchester team were beaten again, as Marat Izmailov set up a pinpoint cross allowing Dutchman Ricky van Wolfswinkel to tap in a close-range finish and make it 3–0 on aggregate.

Despite trailing by three, City looked far more determined in the first half. Their first goal of the two legs came after an hour, as Argentinian international Sergio Agüero finished off Yaya Touré’s good pass from just inside the penalty box.

Agüero assisted in the second goal, in a way; after falling from a poor tackle by Sporting defender Renato Neto, the hosts were awarded a penalty kick. Mario Balotelli duly took the ball past Rui Patricio to level the scores on the night.

Late substitute Edin Džeko nodded a good corner from Aleksandar Kolarov towards Agüero, who was left completely open at the far post, who made no mistake with his finish to put Manchester City ahead with eight minutes left to play.

An action-packed eight minutes was topped off by City goalkeeper Joe Hart, who got his head onto a ball drifted from the host’s corner but was denied by a good save from Patricio. Sporting struggled to withstand intense pressure, but held out to win the tie on the away goals rule.

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Moving Quotes Are Important For These 6 Reasons}

Submitted by: Robert Corter

When moving residences or office space, one great way to make the transfer as smooth, fast and stress-free as possible is to hire a moving company. These companies offer a wide range of services that can assist you in this physically straining and nerve-racking task. From packing your belongings to loading them in a moving van then transporting them to the new location up to unloading and unpacking them again these are the services a capable mover can offer you. It does not mean, though, that you have to hire all of these.

You may only need help with loading your belongings and transporting them in a van, and you may take care of the packing and unpacking jobs. All these can be arranged with a professional Denver moving company, but the first step you need to do is to acquire a moving quote from various providers. A moving estimate is a written document reflecting their services, their respective fees, and all pertinent information related to your move. Although you can go straight and hire a mover without an estimate, having one is still the wisest course of action because of its importance.

* It shows the various services offered by the moving company.

First of all, a moving quote Denver will show you the different services offered by a company. As stated above, you always decide which services to avail of but to be able to do that you need to know first what they are. For example, you may want to hire full services, starting from the packing to the unloading, but not all movers offer these. From there, you can already create a short list of companies that you can potentially hire.

* It gives you a clear idea of how much you will be spending for the move.

A moving estimate must always include the prices for the various services or it will not be called a quote at all. These fees will be based on different factors, like the total weight of the items that you need to transport, how much lifting will be required through stairs, how many boxes will be needed to pack all your belongings and how far the new location would be.

YouTube Preview Image

Your moving quote Denver may be binding or non-binding, where the former means that you will be paying for the price stated on the quote while the latter means that your final fee will depend on the actual expenses incurred during the moving process. Either way, it will help you finalize your budget for the move.

* You can use the moving estimate in assessing which company to hire.

Price is a factor when hiring services from different providers and you will not be able to make a logical comparison unless you lay down the data in an organized manner. Fortunately, if you already have the moving quotes from different companies, it will be easy for you to study them, based on their prices, offers and schedules, thus allowing you to make a wise choice.

* It offers a clear presentation of the commitments agreed to by the company.

The final moving estimate that you agree on with your company of choice can also act as your contract. This means that it binds the movers to provide the services that they have committed themselves into on the specified date that have been scheduled. If there will be changes, the company will have to inform you in advance as shown in the provisions that must be stated on your estimate too. Therefore, if they fail to meet their obligations, you can ask for compensation or a refund and you can use that agreement to file a complaint against the movers. For your part, it is your obligation to pay for the quoted fees that have been agreed upon.

* It lets you see if your desired schedule is available or not.

Another information that is included in a moving quote Denver is the schedule. The moving company needs to clarify this at the time of the preparation of the quote to ensure that they are available to service the homeowner or office owner on their desired date, as it will be bad for their reputation if they are unable to comply.

In case of a conflict in schedule, moving companies will usually offer other available dates and they can indicate this in the estimate as well. It will then be up to the homeowner to agree on the alternative dates or maybe find another provider who is available on the day he specifically prefers.

* It can be your basis in assessing if a moving company is legit.

A moving quote Denver also includes information about insurance coverage, particularly how much it can cover. Most fly-by-night companies do not offer this, which should make you wary of hiring them since they will not hold any liability if they ever damage your precious belongings during the move. Always find a provider who is licensed by your state and at least has basic coverage.

Their license number must be written on the estimate as well so that you can verify it with the government agency that watches over this industry. As for the insurance, if it is not enough to pay for your highly valuable items, then you must have the option to buy a higher coverage, which you should definitely take into consideration.

A moving estimate may seem like a simple piece of paper indicating the moving services and their corresponding fees; but as evidently shown by the above reasons, asking for it is an important step when you intend to hire a company to help you with your transfer. You have to understand that transferring from one location to the next needs adequate planning and a moving quote Denver can significantly assist you on that.

You can prepare your budget way ahead of the moving date and even schedule when you want your stuff to be packed to cause the least inconvenience on your part. Remember that reliable moving companies offer estimates for free and they are willing to visit your place to make a more accurate survey. If they ask for a fee for this, back away and head on to the next potential mover that you want to hire.

About the Author: Are you looking for more information regarding

moving estimate

? Visit



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American teenage girl charged with murder of her mother
American teenage girl charged with murder of her mother

Sunday, December 19, 2004

CRAIG, Alaska – Rachelle Waterman, (aka Rachelle Ann Monica Waterman and “smchyrocky”), a 16-year-old girl from Craig, Alaska, USA, has been charged with the first degree murder of her mother.

The case has rapidly received a wide following on the Internet, partly because Waterman kept a public record of her thoughts and activities on LiveJournal, a popular blogging service. The last entry, which has since been removed from public view, was posted on November 18, 2004 and read:

Just to let everyone know, my mother was murdered.

I won’t have computer acess [sic] until the weekend or so because the police took my computer to go through the hard drive. I thank everyone for their thoughts and e-mails, I hope to talk to you when I get my computer back.

A diverse group of users, both friends and strangers, have posted over 5,000 comments on the journal, positive and negative, transforming the case into an Internet phenomenon. Every entry since March 2004 has apparently now been deleted or hidden, but a ZIP archive of the entire weblog, from before the entries were deleted, is available on Deadly Blogging.

Waterman was a tenth-grade honor (A-average) student in her second year at Craig High School. She was also a member of the Academic Decathlon team (ACDC) and sang in the choir, a profile that has left many people questioning her involvement in the killing and asking what motive there might be. At the time police say the killing occurred, Rachelle Waterman was apparently playing in a volleyball tournament in Anchorage, Alaska.

Apart from the online diary Rachelle kept, the case is also unusual because matricide committed by female minors is extremely rare.


  • 1 Family background
  • 2 The case
    • 2.1 Police investigation
    • 2.2 Arraignment
    • 2.3 The trial
  • 3 Alleged motive
  • 4 Incarceration
  • 5 Aftermath
    • 5.1 Juvenile crime
  • 6 See also
  • 7 References
    • 7.1 Rachelle Waterman on LiveJournal
    • 7.2 Police report on the case
    • 7.3 Press reports about the case
    • 7.4 Press reports which mention the case within a larger context
    • 7.5 Scholastic Accomplishments
  • 8 External links
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Washington state lawmaker looks to outlaw handheld cell phones while driving
Washington state lawmaker looks to outlaw handheld cell phones while driving

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Washington state legislator Tracy Eide (D, Federal Way) wants to pass a bill making it illegal to drive a motor vehicle and have a cell phone in your hand. There are exceptions, such as reporting an accident or in an emergency, but under her bill drivers would be required to use a “hands-free” device with their cell phone or face a penalty of $100.

Several studies have found a link between cell phone use and accidents. A New England Journal of Medicine reported study found that driving while using a cell phone creates distractions similar to driving with a blood alcohol reading of 0.08%. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, approximately 700 accidents involving drivers using cell phones occurred in 2004.

“Where’s your other hand? There’s got to be two hands on the wheel. Signaling, people aren’t signaling any more. You start thinking about the big picture, it gets kind of scary out there and people, it’s the equivalent of driving while you’re intoxicated,” said Tracy Eide.

Cell phone companies are opposed to the bill, saying people can still use the radio and put make-up on while driving. “Certainly when my kids were little, haven’t we all been guilty of turning around and going ‘hey, knock it off.’ Well, you’re taking your eyes off the road,” said a governmental affairs representative for Sprint.

New Jersey, New York, and the District of Columbia already ban holding a cell phone while driving; a “hands-free” cell phone is legal. Other states, such as Maryland, are considering other bans such as targeting youthful drivers on provisional licenses.


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