Deciding On The Very Best Diamond Engagement Rings

Deciding on the Very Best Diamond Engagement Rings



The wedding rings and Engagement rings are rather normally used across lots of cultures in all around the world. In order to represent are exchanged authenticity of partners. The shopping for the diamond ring of engagement could be taxing same time. In a case currently you are facing the dilemma concerning same, it’s better for getting a little info concerning of purchasing and choosing procedures earlier than search of next best ring of diamond for engagement. A few of tips would be illustrated at following passages. The engagements are unforgettable occasions –

to gift the engagement ring of diamond

on occasion would enhance love harbored through couple.

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Usually people fall for diamond beauty not even understanding waiting issues for them in the afterward stage. As you’re at the diamond shop, along with sole meaning to buy engagement ring of diamond, it’s better in begin gliding by offerings store. Not every ring diamond are same-that would be understood, to consider clarity or clearness of a diamond. Diamond purity would be reproduced though this clearness nature of diamond. That’s very 1st step, you would get the subtle differences in the offering process.

Essentially diamond ring for engagement consists of the ring that’s studded along with diamond (otherwise smaller diamonds series). Material along with that ring is constructed must be provided sufficient importance, similarly. One may come across made rings from gold and platinum – suitable spin offs of these base metals is also used these days to make the ring. The suitable candidates for spin-off contain the titanium and white gold. Keep in mind as gold may be allergic for a certain community, in case you are also spouse to face a similar situation, it’s ever better for sticking along with materials as titanium or platinum.

Rings of diamond-engagement price come next on the list. To invest on the most luxurious ring of diamond for engagement in store would not make sense (if you’re doing the great favor of shop). It’s better for comparing opt and prices for the ring of diamond engagement which suffices occasion. Rings studded along with diamonds are too expensive material that’s used to construct ring would even play significant roles to decide factored of price.

Do you aware that the rings of diamond can be online purchased? A few of shops online would even permit you for customizing diamond. Ever select to buy from these shops as you’ll be capable of assimilating engagement ring of diamond that’s best-looking in the relatively low price. Shop location would be even play the extensive role, there’re definite restrictions on the taxation events even hence vendor may sell a similar product for the lowest prices, however just on the certain countries. Do not ever haste decision of purchasing irrespective of offline or online purchasing. That’s better including spouse at the time of deciding ring of diamond engagement.

The engagement ring of diamond basically consists ring that’s studded about with diamond. Material along with ring is built must be specified ample significance, likewise. One may come across the rings made with platinum and gold -appropriate spin-off of the base metals even is used the days for making rings.

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Deciding on the Very Best Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamonds: Anglo American to pay US$5.1 billion for 40% of De Beers

Friday, November 4, 2011 

Anglo American PLC has negotiated a price of US$5.1 billion to buy 40% of diamond giant De Beers from the Oppenheimer family. Anglo’s stake will jump from 45% to either 75% or 85%; the Botswanan government has an option to increase its own stake.

“This has been a momentous and difficult decision as my family has been in the diamond industry for more than 100 years and part of De Beers for over 80 years,” said De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer. The Oppenheimers are selling their entire remaining stake in the company they took over in the 1920s. They retain 2% of Anglo, founded in 1917 by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer. Until Nicky’s resignation this year Anglo’s board has always featured an Oppenheimer.

As-of June De Beers assets totalled US$8.2 billion with US$1.2 billion pre-tax profit over the prior six months, compared to a US$863 million pre-tax profit last year. The firm owns two Canadian mines and one in South Africa, along with joint ownership with Botswana in two of the world’s biggest diamond mines.

Part of the sale deal promises the Oppenheimers will be given part of any value increase if the firm is floated within two years. Nonetheless, Anglo CEO Cynthia Carroll denied this means a flotation is planned. She also said there is no connection between the purchase, which is set to be finalised next year, and Chilean state-owned copper firm Coldeco’s recent major purchase of 49% of various Anglo property. The Oppenheimers receive 20% of any price increase if a float occurs within a year, and 10% if one happens the year after.

New ring discovered around Saturn, could explain dark side of its moon

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 

Astronomers have found a huge new ring around the planet Saturn. The faint dust ring extends up to 7.4 million miles (12 million km) from the planet and could fit over a billion Earths inside it, making it the largest in the Solar System. It could also solve a mystery about one of Saturn’s moons that has puzzled scientists for centuries.

The ring was found with the help of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, with details published today in the journal Nature. It is thought to consist of ice and dust from Saturn’s moon Phoebe, which is kicked up by collisions with comets and then drifts in towards the planet. The ring and moon both orbit in a plane inclined at 27 degrees to the other rings.

“This is one supersized ring,” said Dr Anne Verbiscer of the University of Virginia, one of the authors of the paper. Of Saturn’s other rings, the largest is the E-ring, a mere 150,000 miles (240,000 km) in diameter. Jupiter also has “gossamer rings” of a similar diameter to the E-ring. If the Phoebe ring was visible from Earth, it would appear twice as large in the sky as the full Moon.

However the newly found ring is extremely faint. It is made up of dust particles around 10 microns (thousandths of a millimetre) in size, and according to Verbiscer, “In a cubic km of space, there are all of 10-20 particles.” This explains why it has evaded discovery until now. “If you were standing in the ring itself, you wouldn’t even know it.”

The Phoebe ring does not reflect much visible light, but the Spitzer telescope was able to pick up the dust’s faint infra-red glow. The telescope, launched in 2003, orbits the Sun and is roughly 66 million miles (107 million km) from Earth. It is one of NASA’s four Great Observatories.

The discovery could also finally account for the unusual appearance of Iapetus, another of the planet’s moons. When Iapetus was first observed in 1671 by astronomer Giovanni Cassini, its leading side was seen to be much darker than the other. Until now scientists had been unsure why this was. Now it is thought that the moon orbits in the opposite direction to the ring, and as Iapetus moves through the ring, dust builds up on its front surface. Verbiscer likens it to “bugs on a windshield.”

“Astronomers have long suspected that there is a connection between Saturn’s outer moon Phoebe and the dark material on Iapetus,” said Douglas Hamilton, another author of the paper. The material has been found to have a similar composition to Phoebe’s surface. “This new ring provided convincing evidence of that relationship.”

This is the second major discovery for astronomers studying Saturn in the past month. In September, evidence from the Cassini orbiter showed that Saturn’s other rings were far less flat than expected.


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What Is A Green Card And How Do I Get One?

By Jody Ehrhardt

Green card is the term used to describe a document that gives a person born in another country the right to live and work in the United States. A green card is usually issued to those people who are permanent resident aliens and who wish to eventually become a United States citizen. Once a person has held a green card for almost five years with no legal problems, they are eligible to apply for citizenship or naturalization.

There are two main ways to be deemed eligible for a green card. The first way is through your employment in the United States. In this case, the employer of the foreign individual must agree to sponsor that individual. Once sponsored the individual may make application for a green card. This application is usually a much faster process for those individuals with more education or specialized job skills. Those individuals that have common job skills or less education may have to wait for a longer period of time before their application is reviewed and accepted.

The second way that an individual may become eligible for a green card is through their immediate family. In this case, if a foreign individual has a family member such as a child, parent or sibling that is an American citizen, then they may apply for a green card. If a parent of a foreign minor child is an American citizen then that child is automatically and immediately eligible for a visa.

Another way that a foreign person can qualify for a green card is through marriage to an American citizen, however, the American citizen must reside in the United States. Once the person has obtained their green card they can apply for permanent residency but the laws controlling this process are very stiff. In this case, the married parties must prove that their relationship is legitimate.

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In addition to the above options for obtaining a green card, there are special circumstances that allow certain individuals who do not meet the above criteria to obtain a green card in a timely manner. These special circumstances include the following:

Asylum. This special circumstance applies to any foreign individual who is in the United States and fears returning to their country of origin. This fear can be brought about by any persecution that is based on a person’s race, political views or religion.

Labor. Individuals that posses a special skill that is desperately needed in the United States can obtain a green card in exchange for their willingness to perform the job and skill set at a specific job in a specific region assigned to them.

National Interest Wavier. If an individual possesses the professional skills to be of service to the national interest of America then that person can be granted a green card without employer sponsorship.

Researchers. For academic researchers who are internationally recognized for their achievements, there are special circumstances that allow that individual to receive a green card in exchange for sharing their information and knowledge.

Specialized Skills. Individuals that possess specialized skills and that are experts at the top pf their field may apply for and be granted a green card. These individuals are usually exempt from the labor certification process.

Although special circumstances do exist, the normal application process for and the granting of a green card usually take many months and is a very complicated and exhaustive system. If you are contemplating applying for a green card, it is advisable to speak with an attorney before hand.

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Pirate Bay case: Internet group attacks websites in “Operation Baylout”

Saturday, April 25, 2009 

Anonymous, the loosely defined online activist group most known for organizing mass protests against the Church of Scientology, has begun a campaign against the websites of entities associated with the prosecution in the Pirate Bay Trial, Wikinews has learned.

Termed “Operation Baylout”, the group claims that hundreds of volunteers are taking part in coordinated efforts to jam the websites of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and MAQS, a law firm working with the prosecution in the Pirate Bay case. As of Friday evening MAQS’s website read “Our website is currently under attack and we have therefore decided to shut it down until the attack ceases.”

The group is also coordinating efforts to jam the fax lines of the MPAA’s anti-piracy office and of prosecuting attorney Monique Wadsted.

Andrew Norton of Pirate Party International rejected the attacks, saying, “While we can’t condone these acts, it does show there is a wealth of feeling that opposes the decisions and actions of this trade body. Perhaps if this trade group [the IFPI] was not so focused on increasing their members’ short-term profits, and focused on long term growth and giving customers what they have wanted for the last 10 years, we would not all be in this situation now. However, if people really want to make a difference, and get a result, then they should be supporting their local pirate parties, which will give a lasting result, by providing a government that is more resistant to the lobbying efforts of the IFPI and their ilk.”

While one participant told Wikinews that he or she had taken part in the Church of Scientology protests, and while websites announcing the attacks claim to be affiliated with Anonymous, the decentralized and informal nature of the group makes it difficult to verify whether the attacks are a “legitimate” Anonymous operation.

Some seven hundred to one thousand users took part in an April 20 distributed denial of service (DDOS) “raid” against the IFPI’s website, taking it down for several hours.

The group makes use of Anonymous’s tactics from Project Chanology in coordinating raids. Ideas for targets are proposed in open discussion forums on a range of websites, mainly spinoffs of 4chan, although both participants Wikinews spoke to expressed disdain for that site particularly. When an idea finds favor with a significant portion of the group, it quickly — sometimes within four hours — evolves and is elaborated through a number of IRC channels. As a plan develops, word is put out to other members, and when enough people are assembled, the members activate customized but rudimentary programs downloaded from popular anonymous upload sites such as RapidShare to their home computers. These programs, “Epic Fail Cannon” and “Bayloutlazer”, execute a UDP ping flood against the target website. Most participants are by and large not computer experts, instead relying on the instructions and programming skills of others.

The group also coordinates its efforts through Anonymous’s message boards and one message announced, “Do local coordinating for individual cells on their respective Chanology boards.” Posters to those boards express common themes in support of The Pirate Bay: against censorship, for freedom of information and in personal concern about being jailed for internet piracy.

However, most participants are casual rather than dedicated members, involved “for lulz” — cheap entertainment at the expense of others.

One participant quoted to Wikinews the following statement from, a message board where the Baylout raids originated: “Project Chanology began as an online attack against Scientology because they fucked with our Internets. Nothing more. 2) It has since morphed into a caricature of itself, in which moralfags genuinely think it’s all about destroying an evil cult. We couldn’t care less about how evil they are except that they fucked with our Internets. 3) The lulz value of Project Chanology now lies in the fact that Anon has managed to personal army thousands of people into destroying our enemy for us. People will go to great lengths to participate and contribute to a “cause” when they don’t know they’re the victims of a very grand and subtle troll. The lulz is not in what they do but in the fact that they are being PA’d by Anons. This moralfag personal army in turn trolls everyone who takes them seriously, because they take themselves seriously, without ever being aware of the fact of the troll themselves. It’s pretty slick tbh.”

It is, however, entirely possible that this assertion is itself a bluff.

Coordinated attacks against Swedish government and media industry websites have become commonplace in retaliation for legal actions against The Pirate Bay.

The group plans its next raid to take place at 12:00 GMT on April 26, against the IFPI’s Swedish website. Previous attacks on websites have been attributed to the same group. On January 20, 2008 Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacking the Church of Scientology’s website which resulted in an arrest. In October 2008, Dmitriy Guzner, aged 18, admitted to the DDOS attack on the Church and pleaded guilty to computer hacking.

War between top lawyers in Greece

Sunday, December 25, 2005 

The famous Greek lawyers, Sakis Kechagioglou and George Nikolakopoulos have been imprisoned in the Athens’ jail of Korydallus, as they were found guilty of graft and corruption. As a result of this, a big scandal within the Greek legal community has been raised through the exposure of illegal actions that judges, lawyers, solicitors and attorneys have done during the previous years. A few weeks ago, after the information published by the journalist Makis Triantafylopoulos in his popular Television show “Zoungla” in Alpha TV, the member of Parliament and lawyer, Petros Mantouvalos was abdicated as members of his office had been involved in illegal graft and corruption. Moreover, top judge Evangelos Kalousis is imprisoned as he found guilty of corruption and degenerate behaviour.

Except from journalists’ research about scandals in the legal Community of Greece, accusations from well-known lawyers and attorneys such as the famous Athens’ lawyer Alexis Kougias, against colleagues have as a result a greater dialogue and discussion in the country upon this important issue.

China’s Export Situation In The Tire Industry

By Lanbo Jiang

According to General Administration of Customs statistics show that in 2009 China’s total exports in the first half tires 130 million, down 18.8%, total 3.31 billion U.S. dollars, of which tire exports in February hit a monthly export volume since 2008, the lowest. Among them, the United States, European Union, Africa and Latin America, respectively, exports of tires 3,307 million 2,542 million 1,777 million and 1,698 million, down 21.7%, 18.2%, 9.7% and 26.7%; of the above mentioned countries and regions in total exports Over the same period China’s tire exports accounted for 71.7% of the total.

In the first half, China’s processing trade exports by 110 million tires accounted for 84.6 percent of total exports, export volume dropped 15.4%, to general trade export of 2,184 million tires, down 31.2%. Downstream, the export of motor cars with the new pneumatic rubber tire 5,091 million, down 8.3%, exports of bicycles with the new pneumatic rubber tire 3,597 million, down 32%.

China in the first half led to decline in exports is mainly due to the continuing impact of the international financial crisis, downstream decrease in demand and increasing trade barriers. In the case of exports to the U.S. tire special protection under the influence of external factors such as the second half of China’s exports tires is not optimistic.

The U.S. tire production capacity is currently about 3.5 million units, the number of tires imported from China accounted for one fifth of the U.S. market, in volume terms, China’s tire exports to the United States is indeed an impact. China top ten tire companies, 70% of co operation with foreign investment, foreign funded enterprises exported 7,354 million tires, while the private sector combined with the state owned enterprises exported 4,792 million, special tariffs may have a greater impact on the joint venture.

YouTube Preview Image

According to Reuters news agency reported September 14, China’s tire industry in a joint venture with processing trade. Exports to China caused damage at the same time it will also harm the U.S. interests of foreign companies.According to the Chinese Rubber Industry Association estimates, tire manufacturing and related industries will be up to 10 million jobs are threatened, which means that in some areas may bring social and political issues.

Since 2009, on the tire barriers to trade are increasing daily. April 29, the United States launched special safeguard investigations against Chinese tires, June 29 decision to impose special tariffs for three years, and in September 11 has made a final decision; May 18, India’s fifth to launch in China by car tire special safeguard investigations; June 18, Brazil, decided to import from China, passenger and freight car radial tire levy definitive anti dumping duties for five years.

Currently China has more than 500 million sets of tire production in the United States live in the world, while the annual export volume of 2.5 to 300,000,000 units. Developed countries in Europe and the United States financial crisis caused by the weakening demand for cars, which led to a sluggish market demand for tires, orders decreased in the first half, China’s tire exports in the face of pressure, plus impose special duties on the export situation will worsen.

In the raw materials, the tire companies also face upward pressure. Tire enterprise in the first half profits of substantial growth, mainly prices of raw materials such as natural rubber, Synthetic rubber prices are low. Now, with rising oil prices, rubber, carbon black and other prices are also gradually uplift, trapped inside and outside the tire business, the performance can hardly be optimistic about the second half.

The United States imposed a special tariff, will be operating in the United States imported Chinese tires of more than 200 distributors, more than 43,000 retailers have a major impact. The duties mainly related to semi steel tires and small size all steel tire, domestic related enterprises, mostly OEM (OEM production) orders, and sales channels rests in the hands of foreign capital and profits are mostly traders earn. This makes us more concerned about the tire company’s brand and sales networks.

The long term, China is becoming the world’s tire production capacity to transfer the target site. Europe and the United States developed regions of high labor costs, skilled workers in short supply, large consumption of energy, CO2 pollution, the transfer of production become a trend. However, the transfer of production capacity, so that China take on more environmental costs.

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia CEO apologies for financial planning scandal

Thursday, July 3, 2014 

Ian Narev, the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this morning “unreservedly” apologised to clients who lost money in a scandal involving the bank’s financial planning services arm.

Last week, a Senate enquiry found financial advisers from the Commonwealth Bank had made high-risk investments of clients’ money without the clients’ permission, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars lost. The Senate enquiry called for a Royal Commission into the bank, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Mr Narev stated the bank’s performance in providing financial advice was “unacceptable”, and the bank was launching a scheme to compensate clients who lost money due to the planners’ actions.

In a statement Mr Narev said, “Poor advice provided by some of our advisers between 2003 and 2012 caused financial loss and distress and I am truly sorry for that. […] There have been changes in management, structure and culture. We have also invested in new systems, implemented new processes, enhanced adviser supervision and improved training.”

An investigation by Fairfax Media instigated the Senate inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank’s financial planning division and ASIC.

Whistleblower Jeff Morris, who reported the misconduct of the bank to ASIC six years ago, said in an article for The Sydney Morning Herald that neither the bank nor ASIC should be in control of the compensation program.

Painter Contractor Job Description
Painter Contractor Job Description


Andrew Stratton

A painter contractor is a professional who specializes in painting jobs. This profession does not only focus on painting as their name implies but their work encompasses the application of finishes on ceilings, walls and other surfaces which may require finishing. This means that their medium is not limited to paint but also includes others such as paper, vinyl and fabric. One other job that may be included in this description is the need to smooth over a particularly rough surface. Damage to the wall or ceiling made by nails and the scraping off of the older paint should be smoothed over before the application of the selected medium

YouTube Preview Image

Other Mediums

Other than paper, fabric and vinyl, there are also other mediums that the painter contractor might use to do the job. Varnishes and other similar forms of applications can be included in the mediums that this professional might use. Some wood and stone might also be included in their medium of choice, but this is unusual unless it is specified that he can actually do it. The kind of paint to be used is dependent on the type of surface it is to be applied on. Metal, wood, brick, concrete and other materials need different kinds of paint. Some types of paint do not adhere well to certain surfaces. In addition to knowing which paint to use on a given surface, the professional should also be skilled enough to determine the exact colors needed for the finishing job.


There are practical reasons why this job is required for residential and commercial service. Aesthetics is one of the primary reasons why a paint job or a finishing job may be necessary for a house or a commercial building. Another valid reason for the use of these services is to ensure that the outer and inner surfaces of the establishment or domicile are protected. Paint and other mediums are a form of protection from the elements. The outer walls and even the roof will benefit from a good finishing job if done properly by the painter contractor. These are highly susceptible to rust or overall deterioration due to constant exposure to rain and other elements, but with paint, they can last longer. On the other hand, interior finishes benefit the home owner by protecting the walls and ceiling from possible damage done by cooking and other daily domestic chores.

Finishing touches such as designs and murals are also part of the job description. These are painted directly on the wall or ceiling as designs which are uniquely tailored to the home owner’s specifications. Some business establishments or stores also prefer to have their own personalized paint jobs which reflect their style. Wallpaper is another job that a painter contractor specializes in. Paper hanging is a detailed job that requires an eye for perfection. Before the paper can be hung, the surface needs to be cleaned from debris, oil and dirt, which can all impede the appearance of the result. An older application of wallpaper on the wall will need to be scraped off and cleaned adequately before the new application commences.

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