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Facts About Dolphins

Facts About Dolphins


Blair Levi

Dolphins are marine mammals and possess a variety of qualities that are very similar to porpoises. There are dozens of dolphin species in existence today. The dolphin family contains species such as the bottlenose dolphin, but it also contains species such as the killer whale as well.

These mammals can be found in all types of bodies of water. If you are looking to find a bottlenose dolphin you can easily find them in almost every ocean of the world. On the other hand, if you are looking for more exotic species included in this wonderful family of creatures you may have to look in more specific parts of the world to find them.

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This mammal family is full of very social creatures and they animals generally travel together when in the wild. Along with being social amongst each other, the dolphin family has proven to be one of nature’s greatest communicators with humans. For this reason, humans have developed a strong relationship with this species and often find them to be very playful and an enjoyable to interact with.

The modes of communication dolphins utilize to communicate with other dolphins involve a wide variety of sounds. The most common sounds dolphins use to communicate with others include whistling, clicking noises, and pulsing sounds.

If you are wondering what you to feed dolphins if you come into contact with them in the wild, you should be aware of the fact that dolphins love fish. Although these mammals eat a wide variety of seafood, especially when you take the many genera of dolphins into consideration, they do have specific preferences when it comes to the fish they consume.

Dolphins have had a tremendous amount of success living and breeding in the waters of the world over the last 10 million years. More recently though they have ran into one of their greatest foes, humans. Humans have effectively killed off a large portion of this aquatic population through the use of boats and poor pollution standards.

Many dolphin species are on the list of endangered species. It is likely that they will continue to be threatened as long as the humans continue to harvest them for their body parts and as long as we maintains very little devotion to the maintenance and preservation of the habitats these wild creatures depend on for survival. Resurgence in the marine populations will likely occur as we continue to promote green lifestyles and as the humans become more aware of this unique species’ plight.

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Facts About Dolphins