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Experiencing a shaving oil is completely different from using a shaving cream, shaving gel or shaving soap. In recent times we have seen many changes produced by the razor blade businesses. Still, the innovation in products people use with these blades has been very slow.

First let’s discuss your blades. When men started shaving back in the day ago a single blade was used. Today some razors are designed with as many as five blades. The razors are getting quite expensive but they don’t last any longer and are you really getting a better shave with more blades? How many blades do you really want to shave your face? Getting a smooth shave doesn’t require more blades, it requires a slicker shaving surface.

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So lets discuss shaving creams, lotions, gels and even soaps. Items like these have one role in shaving. These products make the surface slick so the razor can slide across your skin without nicking, cutting or causing razor burn. Creams and gels often times have alcohol in them which will in reality dry the skin. Lotions and soaps lose their razor glide rather fast. The razor blade businesses are very aware that these products do not given a smooth slick surface. Consider it, why would your razor blade need one of those lubricating strips if your shaving cream was doing its job?

A shaving oil is normally a combination of oils designed to make the shaving area slick so your razor will glide across your skin. The best shaving oils are made with pure natural oils. They ought not to include lanolin or mineral oil which can be harsh to the skin. They should also not contain any artifical scents other then the natural smell of the oils. Natural oils are come from various plants or foods.

To shave with a shaving oil you will only need three to five drops of oil. You will first moisten your face with luke warm water. Then massage on on the three to five drops all over the entire shaving area. Wait a few seconds and then rewet the area. The oil will build a slick surface with the water that your razor will simply glide across. This slippery surface will help to stop your razor from nicking or cutting your face. It will also help to prevent razor burn that is frequently caused when the razor drags across your face. Many individuals have seen less ingrown hairs by using a shaving oil as well.

When you are finished you can just towel dry your face. The oil is designed to leave your skin soft and smooth without the dryness and discomfort that is sometimes found after shaving with a cream or gel. If you like, you can also smooth on a few more drops of shaving oil for even more moist skin. You ought to try to avoid an alcohol based aftershave after using a shaving oil. The alcohol will dry and irritate your skin and is totally the opposite of what the shave oil is meant to do. Lots of people even learn to use a light unscented moisturizing cream after they shave. The mixture of shaving oil and moisturizing cream is a superb daily remedy for your skin.

If you have never tried a shaving oil be sure to start with a fresh blade for your first shave. As it is such a unique experience try it 3 times uninterruptedly so you acclimatize to the feeling. Don’t be astonished by the size or cost of a shaving oil. They often come in one ounce bottles that cost around $10 to $15 dependent on the grade of the oils that are used. Often times you will see half ounce bottles for around $7. Since only a fraction of an inch is needed some companies sell half ounce bottles for around $7. A typical one ounce bottle should last from 30 to 45 shaves. The cost of this small amount of oil will be worth the great shave you get.

If you have not tried a shaving oil before then you should

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