What Are Taxes?}

What are Taxes?


David Tang

There is a big demand for Boston accounting services and Boston payroll services, particularly now that Boston is becoming more and more industrialized. Companies and firms that offer such services also offer Boston Quickbooks support as well as auditing Boston taxes. For those who are not very familiar what taxes are and how they work, here are some useful information.

A tax is defined as a financial levy or charge that is imposed on a person or any legal entity or group. Taxes may also be imposed by subnational entities. It consists of direct tax and indirect tax, and can be paid in monetary form or its labor equivalent.

In the modern taxation system, taxes are given in money, although in-kind as well as corve taxation were usually the forms of pre-capitalist states.

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The system of taxation and expenditure of taxes collected is one of the highly debated issues in economics and politics. When an individual or legal entity fails to pay taxes, civil penalties like fines may be imposed, as well as being subjected to criminal penalties.

Funds raised through taxation are used by countries and states in carrying out various functions of the government. Some of the expenditures used from taxes raised are expenses on war, enforcement of public order, economic infrastructure like roads, public works, operation of the government, and social engineering.

Taxes are also used in funding public and welfare services like education systems, pensions for elderly, health care system, benefits for the unemployed, and public transportation. Public utilities like water, energy, and waste management also benefit from taxes raised. Colonial states also impose cash taxes in forcing reluctant subsistence producers.

There are different kinds and rates of taxes. Governments do this to distribute tax burden among classes of the population that are involved in taxable activities like business. This is also used to redistribute the resources between classes of the population. Modern security systems are designed in such a way to support the poor, disabled, or retired from taxes provided by people who are still working.

Also, taxes are applied to finance military and foreign aid and to spur macroeconomic performance of an economy. Taxes are also used in modifying patterns of employment or consumption in an economy by enabling some classes involved in transactions attractive.

The tax system of a nation is usually a reflection of its shared values, or values of its leaders. In creating a scheme of taxation, a government should make tough decisions on distributing the tax burden. The government should decide on who will pay more taxes, and how much a particular individual or business will pay. Democratic nations usually have tax system reflective of public clamor, while in less democratic countries tax systems reflect the values of its leaders.

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Tax Issues: Dealing With Unreported Offshore Transactions}

Tax Issues: Dealing With Unreported Offshore Transactions


Tom Ajava

The news related to IRS actions usually goes unnoticed by the vast majority of people unless it involves something they have a financial interest in. The IRS has been making a lot of news the last few years related to hunting down Americans who hide money offshore and dont pay taxes. What if you find yourself in this situation?

It all seemed so clear. You read a story on the web about how going offshore would provide you with asset protection and tax advantages. After all, who would really know about a bank account or trust in the Cayman Islands? You took the plunge and stuck some money offshore. Now youve watched the IRS penetrate Swiss banking privacy laws and have read theyll be turning to the Caribbean next. What do you do?

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The first thing to understand is that going offshore with your finances is not illegal. Offshore sounds glamorous, but it simply means any country outside of the United States. If you have a bank account in Canada, youve gone offshore. It really isnt all it is cracked up to be, eh?

The problems with going offshore start when people dont pay taxes on their gains. It is oh, so tempting to buy stock in London, make a gain and not report it. Who is going to know? Well, that is ultimately the question. In some cases, the IRS will figure it out if it gets into a particular banks records. In others, an unhappy ex-spouse or employer might report you. It all just depends.

The far more common problem is the situation where a taxpayer enters into some offshore strategy a salesman pitched. It all sounded legal, but now you are a bit nervous. It is hard to ignore the fact the salesman is outside of the United States and wont come back in. What do you do? The answer is fairly simple and straightforward. You need to go talk to a tax attorney.

Why a tax attorney? The first reason is to get your actions checked out. There is a very real possibility everything was done on the up and up, which means you dont have to sweat anything. What if there is a problem? The tax attorney can advise you on a strategy for dealing with the IRS. The agency is much more passive if taxpayers come forth voluntarily to report wayward conduct than if the agency has to go after them. You will still have to pay taxes, penalties and interest, but you can at least avoid jail.

The last thing you want to do in this situation is nothing. Letting it hang over your head for years is simply not going to be good for your health.

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Tax Issues: Dealing With Unreported Offshore Transactions }